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Hello my friend! Are you sick & tired of “being held back”…”stuck”… ”just existing”…striving for “that something” that will make things right? Do you want that gnawing & aching feelings to melt away? Are you tired of trying so hard and getting no results?

At Whole Life, treatment for anxiety disorders & related issues can help set you free from your bondage to begin living a life of THRIVING AUTHENTICITY! Anxiety issues or whatever you are facing, can be “a thing of YOUR past! Hope & help is here!

Just imagine you ARE experiencing the freedom you’ve longed for & the thriving authentic life you were created to live!

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Here it is! My new book co-authored with my friend David Dubé. 
“It is a powerful unveiling of an untapped resource within our mind, the ability to think in a Higher Definition.  We live our lives with horse blinders on falling into vicious thought patterns that continually repeat for the simple fact the we allow them to.  We think with a Standard Definition mentality and approach life truly missing out on our ability to achieve conscious clarity.” ~ Blake Rudis


The not so Normal Therapist

This is the only podcast designed for people just like me…the normally neurotic. You will find uncommon help for your not so normal life! Our goal is to help you WAKE UP from the trance of your own beliefs! We want to help you unveil the truest expression of YOU so you may enjoy greater freedom & flow in your life!

It is my undying passion to be the tool for change for those who really want it.  You can start by being a part of the “not so normal” community at

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