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Whole Life Counseling for Anxiety DisordersI have spent my life touching the lives of others, and have had the privilege of seeing some amazing transformations.  This has truly been the driving passion of my life.  I spent a bit over five years in the ministry as a licensed Christian minister/preacher, but I also spent many, many more years in “unpaid service” helping others with their needs.

People often ask me, “Then why did you go into counseling & coaching instead of back into the ‘ministry’?”  My answer is usually, “This IS my ministry!”  You see, I was motivated to pursue healing of the mind/soul because I was tired of seeing good, sincere people (including myself) of faith who couldn’t “shake” certain issues in their life.  I would often see them experience significant changes, but they would still have an issue that would “hang on.”

I earned my MA in Psychology from Alfred Adler Graduate School, but I have spent most of my life studying how the human mind works and especially how it works as we relate with each other.

I have two adult sons. Anthony is in Rochester managing his Grandfather’s shoe stores & Jonathan is a Chiropractor in Norway.  They both continue to inspire me to be the very best I can possibly be. I was remarried in July of 2013 to my lovely wife Ann, and I now have 3 wonderful step children.

What sets me a part from other counselors and therapist?
My approach is solution focused & it is brief.  On average I work with people 4 to 6 sessions. Some times more & some times less. I don’t want to merely put a “band aid” on a problem by chasing symptoms.  I want my clients to experience real transformation! You can read about some of my Satisfied Clients.

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