A Unique Approach Life Coaching

At Whole Life, our Coaching Calls are unique in many ways. First, we believe self-awareness is key to any desired goal. So, we help our clients start with their mind, heart & body. When the internal shift has occurred the external movement follows & everything begins to make more sense! Even situations at hand often seem to become more clear. As you can see by the image to the right, we employ techniques that can accomplish this much more quickly.

Along with these techniques, we employ the tool for self-discovery called the ENNEAGRAMWith this tool, mistaken beliefs, core fears & other strategies can quickly be revealed. Strategies can then be employed to experience your true essence in the midst of your circumstances. Finally, Whole Life Coaching employs a lot of educating. This includes asking the right questions! 

Hypnotherapy – The utilization of your own natural trance states.
NLP – A powerful and effective behavioral technology.
Psycho-Education – Based in Adlerian Psychology and more!



As a Human Potential Specialist and an Adlerian Psychologist, I am CLIENT FOCUSED and I look at the WHOLE person. According to Alfred Adler, there are 5 “Life Tasks”. They are the following: work, love/sexual, social, spiritual and health. We have found that each area can directly affect another area or all of the other areas.

Also, we will use the same human & behavioral “technologies” we used in the office, in order to achieve YOUR desired outcome. The four main tools that are utilized are as follows: hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Enneagram & Psycho-Education. The psyche-education piece is a large part of the Human Potential Coaching process which includes effective questioning.

Although there is a distinct difference between “therapy” & “coaching”, on a Human Potential Coaching Call, we find that inner work & change seems to just happen. So, although traditional “coaching” doesn’t deal with a “problem” at Whole Life we believe & are equipped to address what the client gives us!!!


As an Adlerian Psychologist, I believe that all of the 5 “Life Tasks” effect each other: love/sexual, work, social, spiritual, health. So, people seeking a Human Potential Coach usually begins with a concern in one of these specific areas.

In general, people who hire a Human Potential Coach tend to be people that want the following:

    • To do follow-up work that was begun with therapy
    • To get “unstuck” in a specific “life task”
    • To achieve their goals and be successful
    • To find happiness
    • To find their life purpose
    • To decide on or change their career
    • To be more confident
    • To find love or improve their relationships
    • To be a more effective communicator

It all starts with a complimentary 30 minute coaching call. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered & to experience what an intentional conversation with a Human Potential Specialist is like.

For those living locally, they some times choose to meet at their office, coffee shop or my office. The coaching can take place via a phone call (cell or land line), but for most (and the preferred method by Whole Life Coaching, is a video call. These video calls are conducted via a simple online system called Zoom.  Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a link to connect via cell phone or computer to the Zoom video call.


Minimum package of 3 calls: $450

  • no time limit
  • no emails

3 month commitment: $1,323

  • 9 calls (only within the time limit)
  • 1 e-mail per week

6 month commitment: :$2,574

  • 18 calls (within the time limit)
  • 1 e-mail per week

9 month commitment: $3,780

  • 27 calls
  • unlimited e-mails
  • Leather bound Whole Life Journal

12 month commitment: $5,067

  • 37 calls
  • unlimited e-mails
  • Leather bound Whole Life Journal
  • Anthony’s book HD Mindset FREE