A Unique Approach to “Life Coaching”

At Whole Life, our Coaching Calls are unique in many ways. First, we believe self-awareness is key to any desired goal. So, we help our clients start with their mind, heart & body.

Our goal & message is to STOP striving to be a better you & start striving to be BETTER AT BEING YOU! When the internal shift has occurred, the external movement follows & everything begins to make more sense! Even situations at hand often seem to become more clear. 

Along with these techniques, we utilize the FOUNDATIONAL tool for self-discovery called the ENNEAGRAMWith this tool, mistaken beliefs, core fears & other strategies can quickly be revealed. Strategies can then be employed to experience your true essence & expression of LIFE in the midst of your circumstances. Finally, Whole Life Coaching employs a lot of educating. This includes asking the right questions! 

Hypnotherapy – The utilization of your own natural trance states.
NLP – A powerful and effective behavioral technology.
Psycho-Education – Based in Adlerian Psychology and more!



As a Human Potential Specialist and an Adlerian Psychologist, I am CLIENT FOCUSED and I look at the WHOLE person. According to Alfred Adler, there are 5 “Life Tasks”. They are the following: work, love/sexual, social, spiritual and health. We have found that each area can directly affect another area or all of the other areas.

Also, we will use the same human & behavioral “technologies” we used in the office, in order to achieve YOUR desired outcome. The four main tools that are utilized are as follows: hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Enneagram & Psycho-Education. The psyche-education piece is a large part of the Human Potential Coaching process which includes effective questioning.

Although there is a distinct difference between “therapy” & “coaching”, on a Human Potential Coaching Call, we find that inner work & change seems to just happen. So, although traditional “coaching” doesn’t deal with a “problem” at Whole Life we believe & are equipped to address what the client gives us!!!


As an Adlerian Psychologist, I believe that all of the 5 “Life Tasks” effect each other: love/sexual, work, social, spiritual, health. So, people seeking a Human Potential Coach usually begins with a concern in one of these specific areas.

In general, people who hire a Human Potential Coach tend to be people that want the following:

    • To do follow-up work that was begun with therapy
    • To get “unstuck” in a specific “life task”
    • To achieve their goals and be successful
    • To find happiness
    • To find their life purpose
    • To decide on or change their career
    • To be more confident
    • To find love or improve their relationships
    • To be a more effective communicator

It all starts with a complimentary 30 minute coaching call. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered & to experience what an intentional conversation with a Human Potential Specialist is like.

For those living locally, they some times choose to meet at their office, coffee shop or my office. The coaching can take place via a phone call (cell or land line), but for most (and the preferred method by Whole Life Coaching, is a video call. These video calls are conducted via a simple online system called Zoom.  Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a link to connect via cell phone or computer to the Zoom video call.


Minimum package of 3 calls: $450

  • no time limit
  • no emails

3 month commitment: $1,323

  • 9 calls (only within the time limit)
  • Receive MP4 copy of coaching call (if so desired)
  • 1 e-mail per week

6 month commitment: :$2,574

  • 18 calls (within the time limit)
  • Receive MP4 copy of coaching call (if so desired)
  • 1 e-mail per week

9 month commitment: $3,780

  • 27 calls
  • Receive MP4 copy of coaching call (if so desired)
  • unlimited e-mails
  • Leather bound Whole Life Journal

12 month commitment: $5,067

  • 37 calls
  • Receive MP4 copy of coaching call (if so desired)
  • unlimited e-mails
  • Leather bound Whole Life Journal
  • Anthony’s book HD Mindset FREE