The textbook definition is as follows: “Psycho-Education refers to the process of providing education and information to those seeking or receiving mental health services, such as people diagnosed with mental health conditions.”

At Whole Life Counseling & Coaching, Adlerian Psychology is at the heart of Psycho-Education. It is merely educating clients in the truth of how their minds function, the purpose of their emotions, the real nature of their circumstances and movement and basically a renewed view and understanding of what it means to be human.  When used along side the other strategies of Hypnotherapy, NLP& the Enneagram,Psycho-Education helps to provide clarity and hope!

Through knowledge comes empowerment to help the individual break free from the patterns that has held them down or held them back. Another facet of Psycho-Education is provide great understanding and clarity on the clients’ mental/emotional struggles. At the core, is the goal of helping clients understand the PURPOSE behind their struggles and issues. The ultimate goal is to help clients wake up from the trance of their stories to live a life of thriving authenticity!