Feeling of worthlessness & pain GONE!
I just left my second session with Anthony. He is easy to talk to and not judgmental. I felt good after the first session and was open to what an additional session would yield. I am struggling to put into words what just happened. He helped me to get to the rootof my feelings of worthlessness and pain and very gently guided me to a new place of autonomy and peace. Stay tuned I feel like my life is just beginning at age 61. What a year this will be. Thank you Anthony!


Minneapolis, MN, April, 2016

The results have lasted!
Anthony is amazing. His positive attitude and love for others is obvious, and is the first and foremost driving factor in what he does. I have unfortunately moved away from the area, but I still think of the sessions and time spent with him; his words still keep me uplifted and strong.


Austin, TX, June, 2015

Anxiety & Panic Gone!
I suffered from panic attacks for many years. I went to Anthony in the hopes he could help me with some techniques to manage the attacks. In fact, he completely eliminated them. I am now free to live my life and no longer spend my energy working around my anxiety. I would highly recommend him if you are ready to make a change in your life!


Plymouth, MN, February, 2015

Uncovering grief and pain
Our minds are truly amazing! Anthony was phenomenal in his ability to unlock my unconscious mind and expose the pain, loss and grief I was dealing with from the passing of my father. I was not living my best life and was consistently acting out in uncharacteristic ways when I consumed alcohol. Yes, it’s easy to blame a substance for bad behavior, but my actions and reactions were more than that. Putting myself in a “chemical trance” was my only means of allowing myself to release feelings I had buried down in my heart for years. The problem was, those feelings were coming out upside down and backwards, always negative and hurting those closest to me.

Working with Anthony was a true blessing. The comfortable atmosphere, non-judging ears, and open heart he offered helped me to tap into my unconscious mind and heal the pain and suffering I would not allow myself to feel or deal with in my “waking life”. My life has changed in most positive ways since my visit(s) with Anthony. I’ve been able to forgive my past, understand my irrational actions and live my life (with a drink or two) with ease and enjoyment. I’m now pursuing my best life and encourage you to do the same!

Thank you Anthony, for healing my mind, heart and relationships!


Minneapolis, MN, March, 2016

“My Journey is Enlightened & Lightened”
I can’t thank you enough for how much your journey has helped enlighten and lighten my own. I have a lot of respect for the work you do to care for yourself and those that are fortunate enough to be a part of yourSelf. Not only have the ideas you shared with me empowered me in my non-professional relationships. They have helped me to shape and refine my own professional practice to reflect what I’ve been attempting to do the whole time since starting it: to empower others to accept response-ability of their own well-being…a sense of agency….I greatly appreciate knowing someone who I would suggest in a heartbeat. I look forward to working with you in the future as both therapist and patience.


Minneapolis, MN, October, 2014

I wanted to write you this brief note and thank you for the work we did together. I was amazed to learn how the subconscious mind can be tapped into and help in my personal growth and healing. The anxiety and stress I had, has been diminished to just a feeling. I have a fresh look toward living, learning and being myself again. I was able to trust you right away and felt that was the key in my therapy. You are doing a great service and consider me a proponent of you and your work. I plan on telling my friends and family of our sessions and in the future if any of your clients would like to ask me any questions feel free to have them e-mail me. Since I had such good results I would be happy to pass it forward and let others know of my positve results. Thanks again.


Minneapolis, MN, August, 2014

I have struggled with moderate to high anxiety since I was 4 years old. I am now 58 years old. I went to see Anthony to alleviate my anxiety and worry which was taking up too much space and time in my head and life. After the first session with Anthony, I felt less anxious and as a surprise to me, felt like I did not want to smoke anymore. I saw him for four sessions total. When I was done, I now experience a level of anxiety on any given day which is about a 1-2 out of 10 level. I consider this a miracle. I just lost my brother to death two months ago and could hardly function. But, now, I feel almost free of anxiety and ruminating thoughts. Anthony also instilled in me the joy of wonder of what my life can be like from now on. When I first saw him, I was suspicious about hypnosis wondering if it could actually help me. I absolutely believe in his skills and feel like I am free to choose what I want for my life, a feeling of wonderment and creativity. It is my life. Anthony gave me the freedom to choose what I think about and all the possibilities that I can create. I am now a believer in hypnotherapy with Anthony. He is engaging and right there with you every moment. I get to choose what the remainder of my life will be because of my work with Anthony. No kidding. I am an analytical person and research everything out before I try it. I now feel free from an emotional vice grip that had me around the throat for 44 years. Please give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is your choice. God’s speed be with you.


Minneapolis, MN, August, 2014

“I’m Free From a Lifelong Mental & Emotional Jail!”
Anthony helped me freed myself from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and several fears. I was in mental and emotional jail my entire life. I went to doctors and was on medications that never helped me heal. I was told I was sick. Today I know am not. This year I was reborn into a new me. Today I know am beautiful and free. Today I don’t survive! Today I live!


Bloomington, MN, October, 2014

I am a 41 year old guy and I have been struggling with panic attacks, shaking, social gatherings and public speaking for most of my life… It got to the point that I knew if I did not seek help soon I was going to end up in a “mental ward.”… Anthony was very patient and open – allowing me to share my story over a 30 minute phone call.  My anxiety was now overcome with such a wonderful feeling – the feeling of hope – what a calming experience.  So now that my anxiety was in park I was looking forward to begin the healing process… My first visit with Anthony started out by him answering any questions or concerns that I had about hypnotherapy and he reassured me that I would be in complete control during the entire session.  What happened next was nothing short of a miracle…. When I left Anthony’s office that day I felt so much lighter and refreshed – but it was session 3 that really made some changes that resonated with my new lease on life!… I had a very important RFP (presentation with a potential client) that was just a couple days away and I started to get anxious again so I called Anthony and told him about my concern… So now – I have never felt more confident, happy and free in all my life… I wanted to share my story because if you are struggling with similar phobias I encourage you to love yourself enough to stop the insanity and put an end to the needless anxiety.  You will be in great hands with Anthony!! [Read the FULL STORY]


Maple Grove, MN

My challenges no longer exist! I have my life back!
Anthony has a distinctive ability to create a compassionate and respectful relationship with his clients in a Christian based comfortable environment in which it is safe to express and reflect upon thoughts and feelings. He offers a judgment-freespace which makes working through challenges such as feelings of anxiety, confusion and depression attainable. His approach is collaborative, integrative, strength-based and tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each person.

He has the uncanny ability to hone in on root causes and release you from issues that were once paralyzing. Through my anxiety, confusion and depression, I had paralyzed myself to the point of an inability to complete normal daily tasks of living. After meeting with Anthony my challenges no longer exist and I have been accomplishing life changing activities. Thank you Anthony and God Bless!


Ham Lake, MN, April, 2015

My daughter is 19 and has been having progressively worsening anxiety and panic attacks since middle school. Last fall she nearly cancelled out of starting college, and, even though she went, she continued to have frequent anxiety and panic attacks. The typical “coping” mechanisms the counselor gave her had little impact.

I had heard Anthony talk about what he does and I loved his enthusiasm for the mind and all things “mind”-ful! Katie met with Anthony once when she came back home at Christmas break – the transformation was amazing!! She is so calm, has not had any anxiety or panic attacks even in stressful situations. During the first thunderstorm of the spring (which used to be a trigger for her) she sat calmly reading a book!


Minneapolis, MN

I can’t believe the subtle yet powerful changes. I’m starting to understand what you are saying when you say, “You are not sick! Your mind was doing exactly what it was supposed to!” (I’ve been told I was SICK since I went to treatment when I was 17!!!!)… I get it! And it’s just the beginning!!! To be free of the crushing terror, I’m not kidding! I woke up with it every day!!!…I felt so ashamed…This work we are doing is exactly what I’ve needed. So. Thank you for assisting in getting my soul back. And we’ve just started. Unbelievable! Yay!!!!!!  [Read the FULL story]


Edina, MN, March, 2013

Hello Anthony….This letter is to share with you how your sessions have positively benefited her, not only in her gymnastics but with her basketball as well….We have talked about her performance and she has shared with me that she indeed uses the techniques that you taught her.  I can’t thank you enough for helping her overcome.  You have given her a skill that she can use for the rest of her life.  Thank you Anthony!


Minnetonka, MN, February, 2013

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. I thank you especially for your honesty, for speaking God’s truth into my life and for never allowing me to take myself very seriously at all. You have in me a customer for life. There is so much more I want to learn and tackle. Thank you for opening up this new world to me! I tell nearly everyone I know how much I love it!


Minneapolis, MN

I was just your average person going through the motions of everyday life. I was living my life with so much inner fear and insecurity that I had become almostdesensitized to how much it was playing into my own unhappiness. Searching for the reasons why I had this heavy feeling all the time, I finally accepted that it was just how I was. Then like a ray of light this man was brought to me…… When the day of our first meeting came, I was full of fear and insecurity. What was I doing? Was this a good idea? Maybe I should call and cancel? All of these feelings were the same ones that had been keeping me back throughout my life….Anthony had come to me for a reason. The experience that I had was an emotional and cathartic experience that can only be summed up one way. It was Amazing! I was able through him to isolate events that had imprisoned me for most of my life. A simple understanding and letting go process helped me to heel my inner child, and like magic it was just gone. All of those feelings of self doubt and fear based insecurities vanished. I think that if you have come to Anthony, consider yourself the winner of the biggest lottery that the soul could ever win. He will change your life for the better, I promise you that!


Dellwood, MN

After only two sessions with Anthony, I had a new found sense of confidence, a decrease in stress, and was off my anti-anxiety medication! With his knowledge and intuition, He was able to help me address the situations of my past that had been causing me severe anxiety for more than 15 years!  Previous doctors, counselors, and various types of therapists had always told me that my “condition” was part of how I was made. I was given various ways to simply “cope” with the anxiety, and told that I would have to deal with this for the rest of my life.  Anthony quickly explained his philosophy on how the mind functions, and how he will work with me to fix the causerather than trying to mask the symptoms. Profound and life changing!


Burnsville, MN

And since then, the change has stuck –I’m free of the obsessive attention from which I’ve suffered, in mental, spiritual, and physical ways.  I can just let it go, say “no thanks!” when observation or memory starts to trigger a habitual response – and I can actually now refocus on whatever is more important without wasting focus and attention (and time, and energy, and then guilt, and then self-anger and auto-immune response).…..as a hypnotherapist, you are GIFTED, and I wanted to tell you so, and soon tell the world as this silly manifestation clears from my old hide [psoriasis].  You helped me achieve a life-change in two sessions that the previous hypnotherapist failed to achieve in over a year.  Damn, you’re good!  Count me as a FAN!


Edina, MN

When I met Anthony there was one thing that came to mind – perfection! His desire to heal, help and perform classic improvement of self worth, change, and subconscious improvement is second to none. I recommend him highly as a professional service provider.


St. Paul, MN

I had a great time today, thank you so much. I sang all the way back to ____’s house. I made up a song and kept singing and singing. One of the lines was “it’s not mine” YOU ARE A TOTAL BLESSING AND I THANK GOD I MET YOU.


Boston, MA

Everything went super well! No anxiety whatsoever. A little bit of nerves, but no anxiety. It was funny, I kept waiting for the wave of anxiety to hit before I was getting on the plane but it never did! Yay! Thank you so much – I’m so relieved to be able to travel again without anxiety!


Plymouth, MN

I would like to say thanks for all your help. It was a great experience that opened my eyes to myself; of my past, present, and future surroundings…..I was suffering fromhigh levels of anxiety, hyper tension, and not knowing why or how to stop it. What I did know, is that everything I was doing wasn’t working, no matter what I did, or how hard I tried. The anxiety was holding me prisoner from my true self. I describe my experience as feeling more like a human being; more relaxed, focused, confident, and ready to enjoy life.  In conclusion, finally getting to what is real.


Watertown, MN

My experience with Anthony went far beyond my expectations.  I had problems with as I described it “Claustrophobia” for many years.  My anxiety kept me from traveling by air, riding on elevators and feeling comfortable in any confined space.  Through hypnosis under the professional guidance of Anthony Verderame, I was able to overcome my anxiety and as a result had a wonderful flight to Europe.  I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone dealing with unresolved personal issues that impact the happiness we all deserve.


Eden Prairie, MN

At first a didn’t know what to expect.  I immediately was put at ease, and as I listened to his instructions and trusted him and the process, I realized this was different than anything I had experienced. I went through a life changing session and wascompletely healed from tragic events from my past. I have been through countless counseling sessions in the past and if I knew then how hypnosis with Anthony would heal my emotional wounds, I would have done this a long time ago.

[One year later I received the following message:]
Hey Anthony! Im doing great! I just moved into a home with my girls…I have to tell you….I dont think I could have EVER stayed alone if I was not healed from my abandonment issues. In fact, I KNOW I wouldnt be able to be alone. YEAH! THANKS TO YOU!


Plymouth, MN

Anthony while doing our first session screening, I was totally amazed, that you came upon a underlying issue that had been buried since I was 16. Now at 54 I’m completely amazed of how I see the situation today.


Buffolo, MN

You…took me another giant step beyond…to greater self-awareness.  Thank you Anthony for helping me see myself in a new light.  I no longer have those childish excuses to hold me back, and I can focus now on the potential that others have seen in me but which are now coming into my full view.


Plymouth, MN

Thanks also for the relaxation and releasing of my subconscious.  I played very well.  I shot a 91 – had only 2 triple bogeys or worse.  I made solid shots throughout the round and had only 1 3-putt. The relaxation and focus really helped.


Waconia, MN

I was suffering from insomnia for months. Anthony suggested some deep breathing/meditation exercises and now I can sleep again. I have my life back!!! Thank you so much!


St. Paul, MN